Webtrends Analytics On Premises 9.5.1
  • 08 Apr 2024
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Webtrends Analytics On Premises 9.5.1

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Article Summary

April 8, 2024

This release across 3 components of our platform includes over 10 enhancements and bug fixes. Key changes are highlighted below.

Please contact Webtrends Technical Support to obtain the installation files.

Security Updates

Enhancement: Removed Apache Axis2 from the product (Issue 3273)
Enhancement: Updated the HTTP client used by the Analytics 9 user interface (Issue 3273)

Analysis / Reports Updates

Fixed: Emailed PDF Report Exports Contain No Images (Issue 3275)
Fixed: EULA Uses Non-UTF-8 Characters That Display Incorrectly (Issue 638)
Fixed: Non Functioning Regex Validator For Dimensions (Issue 608)
Fixed: Spanish characters are not displayed correctly in UI (Issue 3292)
Fixed: Continue button doesn't work when "License Does Not Belong To This Machine" is displayed (Issue 3097)

Installer Updates

Fixed: Special Characters In Server Name Cause Software (especially UI) to fail (Issue 613)

Smartsource Data Collector 9.4

Enhancement: Update DC API and SDC to use non-IP based visitor IDs (Issue 3069)

v2_1 Data Extraction API

Improvements to the installer of the Data Extraction API led to a minor increment of the version number. Functionally it works the same as v2_0. You will need to update the version number in your REST calls. Documentation for the DX API can be found here.

Fixed: DX API App Pool defaults to incorrect version of .NET (Issue 2986)
Enhancement: Included web_ssl.config allows for drop in SSL functionality. See instructions here. (Issue 2583)

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