Webtrends Analytics On Premises 9.5.1
  • 31 May 2024
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Webtrends Analytics On Premises 9.5.1

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April 8, 2024

This release across 3 components of our platform includes over 10 enhancements and bug fixes. Key changes are highlighted below.

Please note that with the release of On Premises version 9.5.1, we began the sunset period of support for versions prior to 9.4. For more information, see our Supported Products page.

Please contact Webtrends Technical Support to obtain the installation files.

Security Updates

Enhancement: Removed Apache Axis2 from the product (Issue 3273)
Enhancement: Updated the HTTP client used by the Analytics 9 user interface (Issue 3273)

Analysis / Reports Updates

Fixed: Emailed PDF Report Exports Contain No Images (Issue 3275)
Fixed: EULA Uses Non-UTF-8 Characters That Display Incorrectly (Issue 638)
Fixed: Non Functioning Regex Validator For Dimensions (Issue 608)
Fixed: Spanish characters are not displayed correctly in UI (Issue 3292)
Fixed: Continue button doesn't work when "License Does Not Belong To This Machine" is displayed (Issue 3097)

Installer Updates

Fixed: Special Characters In Server Name Cause Software (especially UI) to fail (Issue 613)

Smartsource Data Collector 9.4

Enhancement: Update DC API and SDC to use non-IP based visitor IDs (Issue 3069)

v2_1 Data Extraction API

Improvements to the installer of the Data Extraction API led to a minor increment of the version number. Functionally it works the same as v2_0. You will need to update the version number in your REST calls. Documentation for the DX API can be found here.

Fixed: DX API App Pool defaults to incorrect version of .NET (Issue 2986)
Enhancement: Included web_ssl.config allows for drop in SSL functionality. See instructions here. (Issue 2583)

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