Webtrends Analytics On Premises 9.5
  • 25 Sep 2023
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Webtrends Analytics On Premises 9.5

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Article summary

September 21st, 2023

This release includes 11 enhancements and bug fixes. Key changes are highlighted below.

Please contact Webtrends Technical Support to obtain the installation files.

Please note that with the release of On Premises version 9.4, we began the sunset period of support for versions prior to 9.3. For more information, see our Supported Products page,

Analysis / Reports Updates

  • Enhancement: SharePoint Session Tracking (Issue 3268)
  • Fixed: Incorrect SharePoint report configurations (Issue 3266)
  • Enhancement: Removed Java compatibility pop-up warning (Issue 1926)
  • Fixed: Removed outdated Java components
    • Report Exporter (Issue 3219)
    • Performance Dashboards (Issue 609)
  • Enhancement: Updated run-once scheduled jobs to be automatically deleted (Issue 3158)
  • Enhancement: Removed old profile types from profile setup options (Issue 3271)
  • Enhancement: Removed outdated profile configuration options (Issue 3272)
  • Enhancement: Updated default output type to CSV
  • Fixed: Double-byte character encoding on certain modals (Issue 3238)
  • Fixed: Issue with resizing and certain menu options (Issue 3183)

To utilize email as a method for report delivery, a relay SMTP server is required (password protected accounts will not work). If you have questions regarding setting Webtrends up to use your relay server, please contact Webtrends Technical Support.

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