System Requirements
  • 30 Nov 2023
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System Requirements

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This is a summary of hardware and software requirements for small, medium and large Webtrends installations. The number of page views (Analytics) and events (Visitor Data Mart) determine the installation's size.

For all installations, note the following:

  1. Installation on a domain controller is not supported.
  2. All servers must reside on the same subnet and the same Windows domain.
  3. Do not store logs, analysis data, or report data, even temporarily, on the same drive as the operating system on a Webtrends computer. A minimum of two physical hard drives are required.
  4. Always allocate one processor core and 1GB of RAM to the operating system on any server, regardless of the Webtrends components installed on it.
  5. Usually, you can allow the operating system on each computer to allocate RAM to Webtrends components. The RAM recommendations provided for each installation size indicate the average amount of RAM that should be made available to each component.
  6. A gigabyte network is recommended for medium and larger installations.
  7. If installed to a virtual machine, both the RAM and CPUs need to be reserved for the Webtrends machine, and the limits set to match the reservations.

Installation Topologies

Webtrends OnPremises installations can comprise of one or multiple servers. Depending on their role, and the size of the installation, they may be able to be combined on the same server.

Webtrends ComponentSystem Requirements
Master Database
  • 2 processor cores
  • 3 GB RAM
Reporting and Administration UI
Requirements listed are per instance. Instances must be installed on different servers, virtual or physical.
  • 1 processor cores
  • 2 GB RAM
Analysis EnginesPer Concurrent Analysis Task:
  • 1 processor core
  • 2 GB RAM (3 for larger profiles)
Recommended no more than 3 concurrent tasks per engine
Data Extraction API
  • 2 processor cores
  • 8 GB RAM
Insight, Real-time (version 9.2a/b only)
  • 1 processor cores
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 1 processor cores
  • 2 GB RAM
Analysis Data StorageSee Storage Allocation Guidelines

For Smartsource Data Collector requirements Click Here.

The following table shows supported combinations of Webtrends Components:

Server TypeWebtrends Components
Central Server
  • Master Database (Required)
  • Reporting and Administration UI (Optional)
  • Analysis Engines (Optional)
  • Geotrends (Optional)
  • Analysis Data Storage (Optional)
Reporting and Administration UI
  • Reporting and Administration UI
  • Analysis Engines (Optional)
  • Geotrends (Optional)
Analysis Engines
  • Analysis Engines
  • Reporting and Administration UI (Optional)
  • Geotrends (Optional)
  • Geotrends
  • Analysis Engines (Optional)
Data Extraction API
  • Data Extraction API
Insight, Real-time (version 9.2a/b only)
  • Insight
  • Real-time
  • Data Extraction API

Based on the number of page views you'll be analyzing, and the number of profiles, here are our recommendations for you installation topology:

Installation SizeTopology Recommendation
Recommended for all topologiesSmartSource Data Collector (two minimum)
Small Analytics
  • Up to 5 million page views/day
  • Minimum of 1 servers
Small Visitor Data Mart (includes Analytics)
  • Up to 14 million events/day
  • Minimum of 6 servers
Central Server (All options included)

Data Extraction API (Optional - requires separate server)
Medium Analytics
  • 5-30 million page views/day
  • Minimum of 3 servers
Medium/Large Visitor Data Mart (includes Analytics)
  • 14-70 million events/day
  • Addtional 3 servers
Central Server (Only System Database)
Reporting and Administration UI
Analysis Engine and Geotrends

Data Extraction API (Optional)
Large Analytics
  • Over 30 million page views/day
  • Minimum of 5 servers
Central Server (Only System Database)
Reporting and Administration UI
Analysis Engine (2)

Data Extraction API (Optional)

About Existing Installations and Hardware Scaling

If you have an existing installation of Webtrends software on hardware that does not meet the recommended configurations, the Webtrends installer will not prevent you from installing new versions of Webtrends software. However, if you encounter performance issues with a new installation on existing hardware, Webtrends support may recommend that you first upgrade your hardware to comply with minimum recommended hardware configurations.

As with any enterprise software, the recommended hardware configuration for running Webtrends software is likely to include more dedicated processing power and RAM as the application matures. The low cost of multi-core processors and RAM makes it sensible to install Webtrends software on computers that exceed the minimum recommended configuration. This makes it less likely that your organization will need to purchase new hardware as your use of the application increases.

Storage and Memory Allocation Guidelines

Many factors influence storage requirements, including type of profile (Full analysis, Express, Visitor Data Mart) and complexity (number of custom reports or event tables, analysis limits). The following storage specifications are guidelines based on average usage and do not cover all usage ranges. The actual storage needed for your installation of Webtrends software may be different depending on the type and use of your installation. Storage should be managed so that there is ample free space on both the storage drive and the drive where analysis is occurring. Running out of hard drive space can corrupt your installation.

Storage Sizing Guidelines for Analytics

Page Views per day Per ProfileStorage Guidelines
1.5-3 million page views500 MB per profile for each year of data
10-15 million page views1 GB per profile for each year of data
40-50 million page views2 GB per profile for each year of data
For example, if you have 50 profiles that collect 100 million page views per day, your storage guideline is:
100 million page views / 50 profiles = 2 million page views per profile, per day
1 GB (twice the average for 2 MPV/day/profile) * 50 = 50 GB

Note:These figures do not include archiving of snapshots for backup purposes, which can quickly increase storage requirements. For example, if you keep 7 daily archives, 4 weekly, 1 monthly, 1 quarterly and 1 yearly, for your analytics data using default settings for archiving, you will need 15 times more storage than without archiving.


Webtrends supports installation of Webtrends software in the following virtualization environments:

  • AWS
  • Azure
  • VMWare ESXi

Webtrends does not support installation of Webtrends software on any other virtualization products, including the following:

  • Microsoft Hyper-V
  • VMware Workstation
  • VMware Fusion
  • VMware Server
  • VMware GSX Server
  • VMware Player

If you plan to install Webtrends on virtualization software, ensure that the virtualization environment complies with the Webtrends system requirements (for example, reserved memory available within the image) and best practices. Virtualization environments should be managed by a knowledgeable IT staff.

Webtrends Technical Support can assist with virtualized implementations as any other implementations. However, in cases where an issue cannot be reproduced by Technical Support, we may request a copy of your virtual environment and try to reproduce the issue using this image.

Webtrends and Anti-Virus Software

We recommend disabling anti-virus programs on your Webtrends servers because virus scanning can lock files that Webtrends needs. If the anti-virus program locks even a few files during a Webtrends analysis, Webtrends’ inability to write to these files can cause analysis to be incomplete and fail. Although the presence of anti-virus software does not guarantee a failure, running anti-virus and Webtrends on the same computer is not recommended.

Rather than disable virus scanning, you can configure the program not to scan log files, data files, or configuration files by excluding Webtrends directories. (Depending on your Webtrends installation, some of these files may be located on network drives or, in a distributed installation, on other computers.) Another option is to set your anti-virus program to run when Webtrends is not analyzing data, by turning off Webtrends services and then scanning.

Webtrends generates alerts based on whether anti-virus is running on the same computer as Webtrends. You can use the Alert Configuration dialog box to change the default response to anti-virus scanning. If you still have questions, please contact Webtrends Technical Support.

Screen Resolution Requirements

Webtrends requires a minimum screen resolution of 1024 x 768 with 16-bit color.

Analytics Reports Client Requirements for Microsoft Windows

This section describes the software requirements for Webtrends Analytics Reports client, which you can use to view Webtrends Analytics HTML reports.

Supported Operating Systems
Windows Vista Business, Enterprise, and Ultimate
Windows 7 Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate
Windows 10 Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate
Windows 11 Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate

Supported Browsers
Microsoft Edge
Mozilla Firefox (ver 3 or higher)
Google Chrome

Microsoft Office
If you want to convert Webtrends Analytics reports to Microsoft Word, Webtrends also requires Office 2010 32-bit.

Adobe Flash
Webtrends Analytics requires Adobe Flash v7 or higher. If the required version is not detected, you are prompted to download and install the latest version.

Analytics Reports Client Requirements for Macintosh

This section describes the software requirements for Webtrends Analytics Reports client, which you can use to view Webtrends Analytics HTML reports.

Supported Operating Systems
Mac OS X 10.4.9 (English only) or higher with Apple’s Java v1.4.2_05 or higher

Supported Browser
Mozilla Firefox (ver 3 or higher)
Safari (latest)

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