Right Click to Download Links
  • 06 May 2020
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Right Click to Download Links

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Download links are hyperlinks whose URL is a download file (the URL filename extension matches one of the types in the file types field).

If enabled, an event handler function is added for all links that are downloads, where a download is defined by the extension type in the downloadtypes array. The downloadtypes array is a comma-separated list of file extensions and has a default value of: xls,doc,pdf,txt,csv,zip,docx,xlsx,rar,gzip.

JavaScript Example:

window.webtrendsAsyncInit = function () {
        var dcs = new Webtrends.dcs();
        dcs.init( {
                dcsid: "dcs12345610000wocrvqy1nqm_123p",
                rightclick : true,
                downloadtypes : "xls,doc,pdf,txt,csv,zip,docx,xlsx,rar,gzip"

Using right-click to download links

Suppose the right-click download file types field contains:.xls

And the page contains the following hyperlink:

<a href="smartsource.xls">SmartSource Spreadsheet</a>

Right-clicking would result in the following multi track parameters:

WT.ti=Download:SmartSource Spreadsheet

JavaScript Reference:

dcsMultiTrack Parameter Value
DCS.dcssip hostname
DCS.dcsuri pathname or "/"
WT.ti "RightClick:" + title
WT.dl 25
WT.nv Enclosing element id or classname (if present)
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