Release 3.0.0 (2021-11-12)
  • 25 Jan 2024
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Release 3.0.0 (2021-11-12)

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Release 3.0.0 (2021-11-12)

Enhancement: Add ability to deploy tagging to specific site collections

Added ability to deploy tagging to specific site collections without using the tenant-wide deployment option (Issue 1539)

Previous versions of Tag Manager use the SharePoint Framework Tenant-Wide Deployment option. This results in the extension (responsible for obtaining tag configurations on a viewed site) running on all modern pages, even if some sites are not configured for tracking.

This update allows administrators to download a Tenant-Wide or Single-Site package to upload to the app-catalog.

  • When using the Tenant-Wide mode, the extension will continue to be deployed onto all modern pages automatically.
  • When using the Single-Site mode, the extension will not be deployed everywhere automatically and the UI will be used to install the WT Tag Manager package onto the chosen sites in order to enable the extension.

SPFx extensions are web scoped (site collections and individual sub-sites). To tag sub-sites the package must be installed on each web. An additional Sub-Site Depth option has been added to the web-part site-panel > API Config section to control the depth of sub-site recursion to deploy the package when using in Single-Site mode. This configuration is adjustable between 0 (only deploy at the site collection root) and 10.

For example, when set to 5, deploying to a site collection will also attempt to deploy the package to each sub-site on the site collection root as well as any sub-sites and any sub-sites of sub-sites, up to 5 levels deep.

This update also allows admins to lock down permissions to (only) the Webtrends Tag Manager - Site Collections list on the Tag Manager site to avoid users being able to see URLs for sites they may not have permission to access. An additional list (Site Tags) with limited information has been added to facilitate the connections required to link inventoried sites to their tagging configuration.

The Tag Manager site and all other Tag Manager lists on the site require Read access to everyone to allow tracking to occur.

Enhancement: Add ability to adjust inventory and deploy throttling

Added ability to configure concurrency and throttling rate for APIs used by Tag Manager to inventory site and deploy tagging (Issue 2559)

Previous versions of Tag Manager had a static concurrency and throttling rate set for the APIs responsible to inventory all sites and deploy tagging.

This updated provides a web-part side-panel > API Config option to allow admins to adjust these settings to their environment. Admins can now set the API calls to work on 1 to 10 concurrent batches of sites. Throttling for batches can be adjusted between 0 and 1000 milliseconds.

Enhancement: Add ability to inventory specific site collections

Added ability to search for specific sites to inventory rather than requiring inventory of all sites in the environment (Issues 2880, 2881, 2882, 2883, 2884)

Previous versions of Tag Manager would always inventory all sites in the environment (that the admin has permission to see). This meant that adding new sites would require re-inventorying all sites to be added to the list. In larger environments with many sites this would require greater time to complete, and SharePoint could potentially throttle the inventory process resulting in some sites not being inventoried.

This update adds a site collection search form that allows searching for a site by its Title, its URL, or for all sites connected to a hub site (by the hub site URL). Results of the search are previewed before committing to an inventory. A new web-part side-panel > Site Inventory > Enable Inventory All has been added to allow a toggle option to appear at the top of the search form.

  • When set to Search, the search form is used to preview results prior to inventorying.
  • When set to All, the search form is disabled and the Inventory process searches for all sites as it does in previous versions.

The search is limited to the current domain. A multi-geo tenancy should have separate app-catalogs on each geo, and a webtrends-tag-manager site should be configured for each geo.

Enhancement: Add ability to choose site templates to inventory

Added ability edit the list of site templates to inventory (Issue 1914)

Previous versions of Tag Manager had a predefined list of Site Templates that the Inventory search query would include as a refiner. This update adds a web-part side-panel > Site Templates configuration section with the list of known Template types to include/exclude in the query using checkboxes. Added or removing checks will cause the search query to include/exclude related template types in the refiners option of the query.

Only the default checked list of site templates have been tested for inventorying and tracking. It may be possible that some template types are incompatible with the Site Inventory process, and/or incompatible with the tracking code.

Documentation on available site templates has been difficult to find. The list available in the Tag Manager product is currently based on the following wiki article.

Enhancement: Improve Tag Manager Performance

Refactored code to reduce the number of API calls required for functionality (Issue 2876)

Some processes have been reworked to limit the number of API calls needed to inventory sites and for the extension (on a viewed site) to communicate with the Webtrends-Tag-Manager site to obtain tagging configuration. Extraneous API calls have been removed where possible to improve overall performance and reduce load on the SP servers.

Fix: Ensure Site Collections tab filtering includes all inventoried sites

Corrected issue where filtering the Site Collections tab would not include some of the inventoried sites (Issue 2628)

Previously, the filtering in the Tag Manager UI's Site Collections tab modified visibility of only those sites that were already loaded into memory from the Webtrends Tag Manager - Site Collections list. Applying filtering options could result in the visible list being filtered down, but additional sites within the back-end Site Collections list that also matched the criteria did not appear.

This update alters the filtering to instead perform a search query against the back-end Site Collections list with each Apply action, so that any matching sites in the list can also be displayed.

The Tag Configurations tab still uses in-memory filtering and could potentially not display some configuration.

The Tag Configurations list is expected to contain relatively few entries. As such the filtering visibility issue is unlikely to occur on this tab.

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