Configuring the Site Map File
  • 16 Apr 2020
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Configuring the Site Map File

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In order to run SDC v7.5a or higher, you need to configure a site map file that contains the DCSID for each of your data sources. As you add SmartSource data sources to your WebTrends installation, you need to update the site map file.

The site map file also supports Express Analysis and real-time analysis for WebTrends software, which require additional configuration. For more information, see “Express Analysis” in the WebTrends Administration User’s Guide.


Express Analysis and real-time analysis are only supported with SDC installed in a Windows environment. SDC with Unix does not support Express Analysis.

To create an SDC site map:

  1. Open the webtrendssites.lst file located in the SDC installation directory\cfg directory.
  2. Copy the first line in the file and modify it for your DCSID. Each line of code represents a DCSID that you want to track. The following table describes the fields in the site map file based on this example:
    dcs5w0txb10000wocrvqy1nqm_6n1p, -5, 1, NULL, 1, 1

Site Map Fields:

Site Map Field
Field 1dcs5w0txb10000wocrvqy1nqm_6n1pSpecifies the DCSID. You can obtain this value by editing your SmartSource Data Source in WebTrends Administration.
Field 2-5Specifies the time zone of the Web server for this DCSID. Specify a value between -12 and 12 that corresponds to the GMT offset of your Web server. For example, the timezone for Pacific Standard Time is -8.
Field 31Specifies the number of site map definitions in the file. Assign the first line in the file a value of 1, and increment each line in the file by a value of 1.
Field 4NULLEnables or disables Express Analysis or real-time analysis. If you are not using Express Analysis, set this value to NULL. If you are setting up Express Analysis for this data source, set this value to express. If you are setting up real-time analysis, set this value to rt.
Field 51Enables or disables cookie tracking. By default, cookies are enabled indicated by a value of 1. You should only disable cookies if your organization’s policy does not allow visitors to be identified using cookies.
Field 61By default, cookies generated by SDC are persistent indicated by a value of 1.

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