• 13 Jun 2024
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General Configuration

The Webtrends Reporting UI relies on a couple of configuration points which are supplied during the initial installation.

  • Data Extraction API endpoint
  • Analytics 9 URL

Either of these values can be updated using one of the following methods.

Using the Installer

Rerunning the Webtrends Reporting installer allows configuration information to be changed. When presented with the configurations entered during the initial installation, simply update the values and complete the installation. The Webtrends Reporting site will be removed and recreated with the new settings.

Using the Configuration File

Configuration information is found in a config.js file located in the physical path for the site.


Cross Origin Resource Sharing (CORS)

The Webtrends Data Extraction API server may need to be configured to accept cross-origin requests if it is on a different domain than Webtrends Reporting.

On the DX API server:

  1. Install the IIS CORS module.

  2. Edit the root web.config file.

    • \Webtrends\Data Extraction Website\web.config
  3. Add the CORS configuration in the <system.webServer> section.

    • For example:
      <cors enabled="true">
          <add origin="*" />
  4. Add a custom header for authorization in the <system.webServer> section.

            <add name="Access-Control-Allow-Headers" value="authorization" />

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