Disable 3rd Party Cookies
  • 06 May 2020
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Disable 3rd Party Cookies

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Article summary

Disable 3rd party cookies

The disablecookie flag, configures the JavaScript tag so that it doesn't attempt to use Webtrends 3rd party cookie for tracking users across your sub-domains.

By default, the JavaScript tag would use a third party cookie, set to the domain of your collection server, to pass the visitor id between sub-domains. If this third party domain can't be set, then it would create a new visitor id and set it in the first party cookie. The collection server does a redirect to determine if it was able to set the third party cookie. For some platforms, such as iOS, this additional redirect is superfluous because they have third party cookies turned off by default.

Default Value (mobile website): True

Default Value (site): False

JavaScript Example:

window.webtrendsAsyncInit = function () {
        var dcs = new Webtrends.dcs();
        dcs.init( {
                dcsid: "dcs9x99xxxx9xxx9xx9xxxx9x_9x9x",
                disablecookie: false

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