Analytics - Event Parameter Reference
  • 01 Aug 2023
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Analytics - Event Parameter Reference

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Analytics - Event Parameter Reference Document

Webtrends Params Sent with Every Event

Each data collection event sent by the Webtrends Library automatically includes a collection of parameters, described here.

Understanding Webtrends Parameters

Webtrends parameters are the basis of many Webtrends reports. Many of these parameters are populated automatically when you use the methods supported by the Mobile Library. Although you do not need these parameters to implement the Webtrends Mobile Library and instrument your application, they can help you understand the report output generated by the data you collect and to create reports and profiles in Webtrends. For information about how each query parameter is used in Webtrends reporting and the values it supports, see the Parameter Quick Reference.

Params Sent for Every Event
Every event type sends different values for a set of Webtrends Parameters. These are set either manually (using manual events) or automatically (when using automatics).

In addition to these, all events contain the following Webtrends params:

Device Parameters

  • WT.ets: Epoch Time Stamp, set at event creation time
  • Set Cookie on Redirect, always “yes”
  • Device Model, set by accessing uname() or “unknown”
  • WT.os: Operating System Version, reported by [[UIDevice currentDevice] systemVersion] or “unknown”
  • WT.av: Application Version, set by the [[NSBundle mainBundle] objectForInfoDictionaryKey:@"CFBundleShortVersionString"] method
  • WT.a_nm: Application Name, set by the [[NSBundle mainBundle] objectForInfoDictionaryKey:@"CFBundleDisplayName"] or [[NSBundle mainBundle] objectForInfoDictionaryKey:@"CFBundleName"] method
  • WT.a_dc: Data Carrier, set by [[CTTelephonyNetworkInfo subscriberCellularProvider] carrierName]
  • WT.ul: Locale Language, set by [[NSLocale currentLocale] objectForKey:NSLocaleLanguageCode]
  • WT.uc: Locale Country, set by [[NSLocale currentLocale] objectForKey:NSLocaleCountryCode]
  • Screen Resolution, set by [[UIScreen mainScreen] bounds] and [[UIScreen mainScreen] scale]
  • WT.sdk_v: SDK Version, set by [[NSBundle mainBundle] objectForInfoDictionaryKey:@"CFBundleVersion"]
  • WT.i_ornt: Interface Orientation, set by [[UIApplication sharedApplication] statusBarOrientation] method.

Session Parameters

  • WT.vtvs: Session Start, the start time of the current session
  • WT.co_f: Visitor ID, the unique visitor ID assigned to this session
  • WT.vt_sid: VisitorID.SessionStart, a concatenation of WT.co_f and WT.vtvs, joined with a “.”
  • WT.vtid: Visitor ID, the unique visitor ID assigned to this session
  • WT.vt_f: First hit ever for this visitor, “1” if true, “0” if false
  • WT.vt_f_s: First hit of the session for this visitor, “1” if true, “0” if false
  • WT.vt_f_d: First hit of the day for this visitor, “1” if true, “0” if false
  • WT.vt_f_tlh: Time of last hit

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